Full bodied, graceful movement is the result of being at ease inside our own skin, and simultaneously in relationship to the world around us. By intentionally expanding what and how we perceive, we deepen our connection to and participation in life.

Carol Ann Agneessens, MS. RCST®

“Deep and multi-faceted training in wise disciplines and ancient traditions take one only so far — it must be filtered, channeled, embodied, articulated by each individual practitioner. If that practitioner is, like Hanni, gifted, intelligent and inspired – most wonderful!

Hanni’s complexly woven work, which is at once deeply calming, humorous, compassionate, fierce, rooted and profoundly vital, is exemplified in her own presence and reflected in the beautiful physical environment one enters by crossing her threshold. What a gift and what a blessing!!!”

~ M.L., Lincoln, Vermont

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We all live in a physical body. It is through our bodies we experience the weight of pain and sorrow; as well as the exhilaration of joy and love. Bones break, muscles tighten, joints become compromised and over time, movement becomes limited. The intuitive coordination we once had as infants is influenced by repetitive motion, injury and compensation, emotions and attitudes.

The manner in which we exist and behave, in and through our physical selves, plays a remarkably large part in how we perceive, interact and experience the world around us.

Luckily, our bodies are changing all the time and when given the opportunity, can make functional changes resulting in greater ease and efficiency, regardless of age.

Rolfing Structural Integration® is a body based therapy that offers new possibilities and perspective for the client by releasing restrictions in the connective tissue and restoring healthy function. This is done mainly by aligning the body with respect to the field of gravity.

Through manually manipulating connective tissue, building awareness and educating through movement, the Rolfer™ helps the client discover a more efficient way of using and being in their body.

This system yields many positive results, including better posture, the resolution of various aches and pains, as well as providing a greater measure of general emotional or psychological well-being. It is not the techniques themselves that make Rolfing what it is, but instead the trained mind and approach of the practitioner; the way one sees the body and the strategy which is formed in progressive steps, that makes Rolfing unique.

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