“Deep and multi-faceted training in wise disciplines and ancient traditions take one only so far — it must be filtered, channeled, embodied, articulated by each individual practitioner. If that practitioner is, like Hanni, gifted, intelligent and inspired – most wonderful!

Hanni’s complexly woven work, which is at once deeply calming, humorous, compassionate, fierce, rooted and profoundly vital, is exemplified in her own presence and reflected in the beautiful physical environment one enters by crossing her threshold. What a gift and what a blessing!!!”

“I first came to see Hanni in a time of great personal and professional stress. Her deep work helped me get through that period. She saw me through a time when I could barely walk. And was the first to identify the problem area (which was not the pain area) among a number of doctors I saw.

Today I feel great. Strong and healthy. I’m going to Hanni for maintenance now. Wonderful. And I gift sessions to my friends when I can. I want them to feel what bodywork can be. I remember years ago when I first started doing yoga, that I became aware that my body knew what it wanted and could tell me. Hanni operates in that space.

She goes deep, using both intuition and clear technical knowledge. She has a huge poster of the muscoskelatal system on the wall near where she works. It is one of the first things I see when I get up from a session with Hanni. It reminds me of how amazing our bodies are, how much there is to learn, and how much we can be healed with focus, concentration and balance.”

“Hanni is a master at bodywork, and I’ve never been to anyone better. She seems to have the capacity to immediately identify places in the body that need extra attention, and she listens well to what a client needs and tailors her work as desired. She is a continual student, always improving her practice through training with new techniques and knowledge, and she has a thorough understanding of anatomy and the human body.

Regular sessions with Hanni mean that I seldom get injured from running or biking anymore, as much of what she does seems to be preventative, or helps to address minor issues before they turn to pain and injury. Moreover, her work is superb for stress reduction. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I now see this as a critical part of my health maintenance budget.”

“I’ve been a client of Hanni’s for about 4 or 5 years. What sets her apart is that she doesn’t just go through the motions and provide a “typical” session.

Over time, she learns to understand your particular body’s needs and idiosyncrasies, and thus address the underlying issues and not just the superficial. I’ve had bodywork all over the US and the world, and I can honestly say that none compare to her skills and expertise!”

“Hanni Guinn has the strong, sensitive hands of an accomplished therapy professional. Her keen knowledge of human anatomy enables her to address the causes of muscular pain and discomfort. Misaligned parts of the body, along with muscle tears, pulls, blockages are no match for Hanni’s dexterity and sensitivity. She also frequently pursues additional training to enhance her techniques.”

“Hanni does incredible work. She is thorough and cares deeply about the work that she does. As an endurance athlete who is prone to injury, she’s critical to getting me back on my feet and back into training.”

“I was having frequent migraines that were impacting my work and home life. I’d read that neck tension can be a cause so I thought bodywork might help.

Hanni not only worked on my neck to relieve the tension, she worked on my entire body explaining the interconnections and even helping me improve my posture. I haven’t had a migraine for more than a year, which is a record for me. Hanni is amazing.”

“I’ve been working with Hanni for several years now and every time I see her, she gives me relief. Before each session, she checks in with how me and my body are feeling and where my problems spots may reside for that give session.

At times it may be deep tissue work in my problem area, general feel good and stress relief, what I like to call my “pleasure ride”, or thoughts and advice on other physical and body health. Whatever it may be, I trust Hanni completely and have only had great experiences.”

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